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Cassava: The food security crop
In Tanzania, cassava root is considered a staple vegetable and is a life-line for many farmers living in poverty. Not only does it provide a high source of carbohydrates, it is capable of growing in less than fertile soil and is one of the most drought...
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Environment Conservation - Farmers first program conserves land and ensures healthy futures
Daudi Makongoro, 91, is married to Tabu Makongoro and together they have 10 children. In 2009, he joined CPAR’s CIDA-funded Farmers First program in Ragata, Tanzania. Daudi and Tabu have always relied on farming for income but land conditions in the...
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Income Security
I’d like to introduce you to Woizero Genet Molatu, a member of the FFS group in the Abo Yayebena Kebele, Jarso District, Ethiopia.When we first met Woizero Genet Molatu during our meeting with the FFS group, she sat quietly and didn’t make much...
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Keys to sustainability in Ethiopia: Cooperation and partnership
Ato1 Dereje Etana is a 28 year old government employee in Jarso, Ethiopia. He has been working as a Cooperative Promotion Expert in the Cooperative Promotion Office since 2009.A cooperative involves community members, who have common objectives, voluntarily...
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