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Farmers serve as models for others
CPAR’s food security programming works in such a way that when done right, knowledge and skills are easily transferred to neighbours and community members beyond the direct target of a given project. In the case of both Farmers First and BSG FSEG, two...
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Gender Equality - Women growing stronger through conservation Agriculture
With a husband and three kids to feed, Perusi Mawazo, 36, of Sarawe village, Bunda District, Tanzania was frustrated by her low levels of production and lack of access to knowledge and capital to improve the situation. She struggled to find enough food to...
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Cassava: The food security crop
In Tanzania, cassava root is considered a staple vegetable and is a life-line for many farmers living in poverty. Not only does it provide a high source of carbohydrates, it is capable of growing in less than fertile soil and is one of the most drought...
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Farmers apply ‘cluster’ approach to increase yields
In Jarso District, Ethiopia, farmers participating in the Farmers First Food Security and Livelihood improvement program are working together towards a common goal. Sisay Wege explained that she and the members of her Farmer Field School (FFS) group have...
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